Just Honor It


I am not tied to any tradition in particular. I lean towards animism, but I do enjoy a quote attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright that goes like this:

“I believe in God. Only I spell it NATURE”

I don’t dwell on what other people do or do not do, although it interests me. I don’t care if anything is particularly fashionable or not. I’m not a Wiccan, but I like Scott Cunningham’s view on rituals and offerings. While he did do some things in a more “official” way, he was also big on sudden spontaneous rituals/offerings wherever he happened to be with what he had at the time. I have been moved to make mandalas or other “pictures” with materials at hand, pinecones and leaves and such, when I am out practicing spiritual wandering. This is neither a better nor worse offering than say, getting special cakes or a bottle of wine to pour out. It is in the moment, though, which can sometimes make it more powerful.

One thing I think is important overall, however, is to just stop with all of the extraneous stimulus of the politics and policing of polytheism, and its cousins, and just honor it, whatever “it” is to you. Getting lost in the labyrinth of community kerfuffles, or appointing oneself as policer of practices and groups is an excuse of sorts to not get on with the Work. While a person is expending energy on making other people measure up to certain standards, that person is neglecting the very thing that brought them to the community in the first place. Honoring it really should be first on the list.

And that is my judgemental moment for today đŸ™‚