Those Little Synchronicities

I am in the habit of leaving little offerings for the genius loci and whatever gods and spirits are in effect at the places I visit. A lot of times these are spontaneous gifts—whatever I have on me at the time. Sometimes, though, I have something at home that I save as an offering, not knowing when and where I will leave it. Such is the final goat-shaped sugar cookie I had leftover from a batch of cookies I made at Christmas time. I had popped the cookie in the freezer, knowing it would probably be important in the future. My husband, every time he opened the freezer, kept asking me “what is this goat for? when are you going to use it?”. I kept not knowing.

DSC02067Today I am visiting a couple of graveyards. I made these plans awhile ago, then had to postpone the trip a few days out, until today. I decided this was the day to take the goat out and leave him in the cemetery. When I got up this morning I looked at the calendar and saw that today is the Chinese New Year. Hmmm, I thought, I wonder what animal it is this year?

Looking on the internet, I found my answer. Today marks the start of the Year of the Goat.

I love these little synchronicities.


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