Offerings on Ice

offering 1

A couple of really cold days produced some wonderful ice in some of my familiar places. I was itching to get up to my favorite park where there is a splendid crossroads with a stone pedestal right at the juncture. It used to be a drinking fountain, but I believe it has been a long time since it has had that use.

I finally went up yesterday. The ground crunched under my feet and the freezing air seared my nostrils.

The crossroads pedestal often has water in its depression, and this time it was frozen into a blue sheet of ice. I placed my three offerings and stared awhile into the glassy surface. Its probably a great place to do some scrying—but, although its a semi-wild space, it does get a lot of traffic from dog walkers and joggers. The first time I ever saw this area, the stone pedestal had a number of burned-down candles on it, so I know that others use it in ways probably similar to mine. I spent a few precious moments of privacy with the ice and then turned down the north path, back towards the city.


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