Crossroads and Naming

liminaut crossroads text

“Psychogeography” is a relatively new term to me. I had remotely connected it to Dadaists, urban thrill seekers or academic groups. I had not related it to my own solitary primal wanderings, especially because most of my exploring takes place just outside the city zone, or within the so-called “urban wilderness” of large, rambling parks.

Now, after having done some pychogeographical internet drifting, I can see that the term can cover a whole range of wandering practices and it definitely could cover what it is that I do. Especially the expanded term “occult psychogeography”.

It does make me wonder. How much does the naming of something then change it? Because I now know that this term can be applied to what I do, how does that affect it? Does it affect it at all?

Everyone assuredly practices psychogeography in a slightly different way, even if they are in a group situation and having the same general experience. I have realized that I regularly practice several different forms. The urban wilderness wandering I mentioned above, another form specifically related to thrift store shopping, which I will address in the future, and a form focused solely on urban foraging, i.e. the practice of gathering things like hawthorne berries, chickweed, pears, rose hips, etc, from around the city.

I call myself a “liminaut” because, for various reasons, I often feel I have entered a liminal zone when I do the things I have mentioned above. I have a friend who frequently plumbs an urban wood for spiritual reasons—I term this friend a “liminaut” as well. So, it appears that I have also attempted to name something, something that was already in existence, and piggybacking off words that are already in existence, but attaching my own meaning to the process and the words. Does this change the process? Well, for me, the single act of having cobbled together that word was the final spark for starting this blog, so in a way, it has. Not bad, not good, just…different. And yet another series of crossroads presenting themselves.


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